Blog No. 5 -Commercial vs Tactical, no difference per Alvin Young

In 2013 now Dr. Alvin Young wrote in his report that there was no difference in the dioxin (TCDD) content between the “tactical” and the “commercial version of 2,4,5-T. And it is the dioxin that has caused all the harm to our veterans.

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There never has been any difference between tactical versus commercial. So why would this same person write a report for Panama and other areas that the veterans are confused between the two chemicals and get paid by the VA and/or DoD to do so?

At the link sourced under his photo, you can look at all the materials he was tasked with bringing together about Agent Orange. He skipped a few important records.

As a 1st Lt in the AF, Lt. Young was asked to write a report of what herbicides and pesticides were currently in use by the military.

As a 1st Lt in the AF, Lt. Young was asked to write a report of what herbicides and pesticides were currently in use by the military.

Orange, Purple, Pink, White and Blue were just code names

Nowhere in Lt. Young’s 1970 report about using these Rainbow herbicides by the military does he ever mention the word “tactical” and yet he writes that Orange, Pink, White and Blue are being used by the military.

He also does not mention the word “Vietnam”. Which seems weird since these chemicals were being used in Vietnam.

In this 1978 report, now a PhD and the authority about Agent Orange and where it was used, he authors this report for the USAF, USAF OEHL-78-92, “The Toxicology, Enviromental Fate and Human Risk of Herbicide Orange and its Associated dioxin,” in which he lists a similar chart to his 1970 report on what was being used by the military as seen below.

Dr. Alvin L. Young claims that these herbicides, Green, Pink, Purple and Orange are as shipped and shown through the decades by the Federal Pesticide Review Board.

The Pesticide production, sales throughout the decades from 1953 – 1977 can be found by clicking on the link below.

When you go there search for Vietnam, 2,4,5-T and n-butyl ester to see what the Federal Pesticide Review Board said 1970 and earlier as Dr. Young states in his 1978 report. You will find that Dr. Young in his 1978 report sources the Federal Pesticide Review and the Federal Pesticide Review throughout the years says that 2,4-d & 2,4,5-T shipped through the U.S. Commerce FT 410 is one and the same.

This is the first year of the complete document 1952-1977

This document is the source of Dr. Alvin Young’s 1978 report where he claims the Rainbow herbicides are tracked. And this document throughout the years sources the FT410.

The Federal Pesticide Review Board sources the FT410 Exports I found