Blog #7 Veterans Day Email to the Pentagon

A few days back, I was on the phone with a veteran showing them where to find information on the site about agent orange, when I came upon this page which says if we have information about other sites where these chemicals were used to send the information to them.

Veterans day was approaching, I thought what better way to honor the Panama veterans than to try once again to send the research to the Pentagon for Panama, proving by their own documents, it was indeed in Panama and that Panama should be added to the list.

I had filed an IG request and got a response from the DoD in 2018 which needs further explanation.

The VA was supposed to check with the DoD regarding Panama to put Panama on the list of places where these chemicals were used. That Rulemaking Request was granted February 2022, yet it is now November 2022 and absolutely nothing has been done to assist these veterans who have been harmed. In fact, the VA is disregarding the evidence which the veterans bring forth and denying Panama veterans daily.

Maybe by everyone reading the evidence and knowing the facts, we can become a louder group of people who are demanding to know why we are ignored. I have blogged about many of these documents on this website, please download what may help with your fight for benefits. asking for evidence

Veterans Day email to the Pentagon re Panama

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