Blog #8 Thank you Dr. Wayne Dwernychuk

For those who don’t know who Dr. Wayne Dwernychuk is, allow me to introduce his importance. Before I do, I want to thank Dr. Wayne Dwernychuk for sharing his knowledge and expertise as a Senior Environmentalist and Agent Orange expert, and for taking the time to answer my many emails and for his letter of… Continue reading Blog #8 Thank you Dr. Wayne Dwernychuk

Blog #7 Veterans Day Email to the Pentagon

A few days back, I was on the phone with a veteran showing them where to find information on the site about agent orange, when I came upon this page which says if we have information about other sites where these chemicals were used to send the information to them. Veterans day was approaching,… Continue reading Blog #7 Veterans Day Email to the Pentagon

Blog No. 3 -Agent Purple

There were other ”Rainbow Herbicides” used. We are told that ”Agent Orange” didn’t start shipping until 1965. That being true, means Panama, Vietnam and Thailand received ”Agent Purple” 1958-1964, which according to the experts, would have had a much higher content of dioxin, known as Agent Purple. …generally, agents produced earlier, such as Purple and Pink suffered… Continue reading Blog No. 3 -Agent Purple