AO Blog No. 1

How DoD these barrels get there?
Ft Sherman Qtrs Spring 2020

If Agent Orange was not sent to The Panama Canal Zone, then how in the world did these Agent Orange barrels show up as fencing material in Spring of 2020?

Agent Orange was absolutely in panama, so was many other FOREVER chemicals which we were all exposed to. You can read what else was found in the book The Travels of Orange and I will blog more about all that was found in the future. I hope you will find something useful you can use to help you win your benefits if you have a claim filed for Panama. Much of what was found may help veterans who were stationed elsewhere as well.

Did you know that 2,4-D, which is also known to cause cancers was used in Gatun Lake to kill the hydrilla which was interferring with the canal traffic? Use of 2,4-d to kill the hydrilla began in 1948.