Blog No. 4 -Connecting the dots with Alvin Young’s reports

Was Agent Orange used in Panama?

Was Agent Orange shipped to Panama? Follow my blog as I blog about what I have found during this journey of uncovering the truth in the last ten years of research. 

In 1963, President Kennedy convened a Presidential Advisory Board (PSAB) to study the FOREVER chemicals which were being widely used by the military to control weeds, including in Vietnam, to see if harmful as Ms. Rachel Carson, a government entomologist and author of the book Silent Spring, indicated to congress.

PSAB took from 1963-1970 to investigate these chemicals. In 1970 the Federal Review Board wanted a report of what chemicals were being used on military installations.

Lt. Alvin Young wrote a report on pesticides and herbicides being used in military programs. Lt. Young several decades later became the government’s official speaker known as ”Dr. Orange” on everything Agent Orange. He has written numerous reports and many of his own reports are contradictory to his earlier reports. So what is the truth?

The video above goes deeper into Lt. Alvin Young’s 1970 report on which he reports that the rainbows, Orange, Purple, Blue and White are being used by military programs. Never in his 1970 report does he mention anything about these being “tactical” herbicides. The word “tactical” is not used. Interesting the word Vietnam is not listed in his 1970 report on these now called ”tactical herbicides.”

These herbicides were always commercially made with unknown amounts of dioxin in purple and orange and used tactically in war.

As I blog about the reports Alvin Young has written for the government over the years, you be the judge of what the truth is. I think as I blog, you will agree there never was any difference in the dioxin content between the commercial version and the so-called “tactical” version.