Blog # – Tactical vs Commercial More proof we have been misled

As you saw in my post What the heck is agent orange, Ft. Detrick tells us it is a chemical made up of 50/50 2,4-D & 2,4,5-T with the n-butyl ester. And as you will see in this blog of documents the n-butyl ester was a standard from day 1.

Dr. Young has written many reports saying just the opposite, that there was a difference of a “tactical” version vs a “commercial” version, throwing a wrench in the ability for a Panama veteran to receive benefits for their cancers and terrible diseases they have acquired having served this nation honorably. These reports he writes are misleading, sometimes contradictory. Why would he write misleading reports when the Science and historical government documents prove otherwise?

In this report found at the link below, Dr. Young wrote about an Air Force Reservist who established a website and blogged about their own battle to prove their diseases were a result of flying around in the C-123s which were used in the Ranch Hand mission in Vietnam to spray Agent Orange. To read his whole document, please see link below. In 2018, Dr. Young said:

with the introduction of the computer and internet websites, anyone with minimal skills may “publish” anything they want without reference to fact or authoritative review, and then distribute such material for perusal by millions of gullible readers. The real difficulty for historians, scientists and journalists is in discriminating between truth and misstatement in documents of composite origin or as provided by an author(s) with a cause. This becomes particularly true for the issues related to Agent Orange.

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PY – 2018/11/29
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T1 – Agent Orange: A Controversy without End
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The historical official government documents tell us his reporting is misleading. There was NEVER any difference, except for the packaging of the barrels with the color bands around the center. It is just UNBELIEVEABLE that he has been paid to mislead. If I, as a lowly blogger can find the truth, he and others in the position to help our Panama veterans should know the truth. Then the question is, WHY?

Even documents found in the online collection Dr. Young was paid to put together for the DoD shows that the n-butyl ester was made as early as 1950 with unknown amounts of dioxin. Possibly as high as 30-50 ppm. It wasn’t until the Presidential Advisory Committee assigned to study what was up with this 2,4,5-T by President Kennedy did the government figure out there was an issue with the amount of dioxin in what was being used.

But even IF that is true, that the so-called “tactical” version is the one with the n-butyl ester, we have a cablegram from Secretary of State telling us that there is 400 Metric Tons of 2,4,5-T with n-butyl ester in Panama in 1975. The State Department wanted to make sure this batch wasn’t sent on to Cuba, as we were not trading with Cuba at the time.

In 1968, all 2,4,5-T manufacturers were asked to make the dioxin (TCDD) content closer to 0.5% vs 30-50 ppm. That is a 90% drop! The manufacturers still needed to make it quickly for the war effort in Vietnam and there were much already stored. At the end of the Vietnam war, a few dozen barrels were tested out at Johnston Island in the summer of 1977, and Agent Purple with the higher content was still found.

So to say that any batch had a certain amount of dioxin in it, unless that particular batch was tested as it went in the barrel and there are records of each batch sent to Panama and what the dioxin content of those hundreds of thousands of pounds shipped to Panama, we have no idea if we got Purple or Orange throughout the decades. One thing for sure, we got Purple before 1965, as Orange didn’t start shipping until 1965.

In the Presidential Advisory Committee report which was began by President Kennedy, the report claims that “The phrase, military uses, refers to the employment of 2,4,5-T in military operations.” The full report can be found at the link below.

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